Our rewards

December 1, 2015

Diploma of exhibition-collection  7 "Heritage" (Gallery "Heritage", Rue du Perron 25, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland).

September 13, 2013

Diploma of exhibition-collection  6 "Nature's gentle breath" (Residential Club District "Cherry Town").

April 30, 2013

Medal was awarded by the President of the Ukrainian Section of International Police Academy - Vasilishin A.V.


December 18, 2012

Diploma and the medal were awarded by former Vice Prime Minister, the head of the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Kozachenko L.P.

27 September - 1 October, 2012

The project 62. "Aviart-2012".Within the framework of the 8th International Air and Space Show "Aviasvit XXI" together with Antonov Company, on board of aircraft "Mriya" AN-225, the exhibition has risen to a height of 10,150m. Record for Guinness World Records is set! New chapter in Guinness World Records! The record was confirmed by Guinness World Record TM Adjudicator - Mr. Jack B Brockbank, who has presented an official Guinness World Records Certificate. The exhibition has presented 120 artists with 500 artworks. Ukraine, Gostomel, airport "Antonov".

October-November, 2011

Diploma of exhibition-collection 5 "To Italy with Whole Heart" (Italy, Roma; Milano).

October, 2010

Diploma of exhibition-collection 1 "Field bouquet" (Montenegro, Budva).

September-October, 2009

Diploma of the Participant of of exhibition-collection 2 "Dew" (Slovakia, Bratislava; Czeska Republika, Praga).

July, 2009

The Rewarding Ceremony was held on July, 1st, 2009 on the presentation of new edition "the Creative Olympus of Ukraine", the Teacher's House.

September, 2008

Diploma of the Exhibition Participant Blessing,
Project 40, Germany, Magdeburg.

September, 2007

The medal was presented by Lieutenant General Viktorov during the International Police Association Exhibition opening for the Exhibition "Blessing" in Berlin, Project 40.

March, 2007 

Diploma of the Exhibition Participant Blessing,
Project 40, Germany, Berlin, Russian House.

September October, 2003 

Diploma of the Painting Exhibition Participant "Globus Opening Day",
Ukraine, Kyiv, Shopping Exhibition Centre The Globus Line 3

October November, 2002 

Diploma of the Exhibition Participant "Poetry of Paints",
Ukraine, Kyiv. Ukrainian Fund of Culture (Lipska, 16). October-November, 2002.

December, 2001 

Producer Centre of Valeriy Boyko has been awarded by Diploma and the Medal within the framework of The Second International Forum on economic cooperation, that took place on 5-7 December 2001 for the Painting Exhibition "Euroimage 2001".


Diploma of the Participant of the 5th International Art Festival,
Kyiv, June, 9-11, 2000.