Gallery "Globus"

Current exhibition in the Gallery "Globus":

"Portents" (project #85).
Ukraine, Kyiv, 8 Zoologichna Str., gallery "Globus".
May-August, 2018.

The general concept of the Gallery "Globus" is based on a postulate that the main idea of painting is the positive spiritual influence on the person.This idea is inseparably linked with hard work of the constantly working public gallery of the opening type.

The gallery can host about 1500 works of 100-130 artists.

The Gallery increases the number of the artworks for about 5-7 works on average a day.

Opening hours - from 09.00 till 22.00, without breaks and days off since September, 5th, 2003.

Average visits to the Gallery are about 100000 persons a week.

In order to create the general model of perception the expositors need to solve quite difficult task to create the artwork from paintings, to assemble the fine spiritualised image from the variety of Gods given talents. The vast field of vision of the space which consists of two halls (450 sq. m), day light illumination through an inclined glass roof and artificial evening light give new opportunities for creativity. Expositor acts a role of the artist. His facilities are rich and difficult. It is necessary to take into account the sector of the every wall importance and each artwork separately, their optical axes, focuses, format, level and universality of influence. Completeness of a composition is attained by the outlining of the optimal fragment. Thus we never locate the large works, works of one author, works in similar tone or in the same baguette close to each other. Taste resolution and integrity of a painting are very important. We create the chorus, an orchestra of colour and light from the various sources using a principle of mosaic or separate dabs. It should not be considered as an avant-guard made of the realistic works. It is romanticism of the vital truth of Montmartre. It is attracting by the slightly noticeable harmony pleasant for eyes and soul.

Photos of Gallery "Globus"

Gallery Globus