About Independent Producer Centre Boyko

Producer Centre Boyko has been established by Boyko Valeriy Vladimirovich (1957) and Boyko Oksana Valentinovna (1969).

Founders consider the date of March, 14th, 1998 as the beginning of their professional activity. That is the day of Boykos family Repentance toward God.

The Centre activity divided into two periods: before the Gallery and in the Gallery. In the very beginning of the activity the Producer Centre Boyko held exhibitions in different galleries, establishments and organisations of Kiev. In 2003 it was decided to establish the own gallery. On September, 5, 2003 the presentation of the Gallery The Globus took place. The Gallery is located in the centre of the Ukraine capital city Kiev with the address: 2 Institutskaya str., Shopping Exhibition Centre The Globus Line 3, Ground Floor. The total area of two halls of the gallery makes 450 sq.m.

The Producer Centre has never charged the artists for being exhibited. And it has never been financed by anyone. The Centre provides artists with quality art materials: stretchers, brushes, paints. It carries out the advertising of the artists and the Gallery activity. The Centre had been highlighted in different editions and on TV broadcast. Now we have put special walls in the gallery that allow us to increase the exhibition area.

The purpose, functions and tasks of activity of the centre.

  1. Conservation of picturesque heritage of the modern artists of Ukraine.
  2. Outgoing from the premise, that property of republic first of all artists, conservation of school and cadres from export outside of the country, creation of favourable conditions for their activity.
  3. All-round assistance to profession growth.
  4. Advertising activity of the artists through a mass media.
  5. Search of the talented artists on all territory of Ukraine irrespective of a level of preparation, status in the society, educational level and age. Their ensuring by art materials. Creation of comfortable conditions for works (search of workshops, treatment, reconciliation of legal field, according to the legislations of Ukraine).
  6. Selection of the artist works for installation the exhibitions.
  7. Design of the works in worthy frames.
  8. Installation the exhibitions-drafts (300-500 pictures), usual exhibitions (30-150 pictures), repayment of rent of exhibitions areas, guarding, holding of the advertising company, operation with the visitors, sale of pictures.
  9. The creations of the virtual informational-rating directory in the Internet. Placing in it of the information on the artists and exhibitions, acquaintance through the directory of general public with creativity of the domestic artists. Important constituting of the directory is the excellence quality of the picture, achievable by usage of digital equipment and a subsequent working by the artists-designers for absolute coincidence of the original and the picture with mandatory conservation of color and correct lighting. Usage of the rating function for an objective, democratic estimation of activity of the artists, when by voting all visitors of a site during one year define to ten best . Encouragement of the winners by prizes. On the basis of an Internet-rating certification of the artists and pictures.
  10. Organization of the departure of the artists on the nature on picturesque and historical places of Ukraine with ensuring by transport, residence and foods.
  11. Organization of the exhibitions outside Ukraine, both short-range, and long-distance foreign countries. Participation in international art-festivals and fairs.
  12. Execution the orders of the legal and physical persons on design administrative and living quarters.
  13. Conducting to order of exhibitions devoted to famous dates.
  14. The legal protection authoring and civil rights of the artists, agrees the agreements with the Ukrainian bureau of economic safety "GARANT".
  15. Accomplishment of expertise of the contracts and agreements offered to the artists (at their requests).
  16. Installation of the professional exhibitions with the complete complex of services. Presentation of the non-resident colleagues-art-manager with their exhibitions.
  17. Training of selling personnel of painting, art-dealers, art-managers in practical conditions, certification of their operation for service of the artists.
  18. Engineering bought plots and compositions under engineering and level of the concrete masters.
  19. For popularization of activity of the artists to encourage and to participate in the release of printed production: the booklets, calendars, reproductions, information sheets, directories and so on.
  20. Release of electronic media of catalogue assignment.
  21. Reception and allocation of the orders on painting.