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My philosophy

The world is love, the world is beautiful. The world inside us is a harmony with the world created. It is the confidential acceptance of the universe as it is, as children accept it– sincerely with widely open eyes, without ceasing to surprise and admire, without opposing themselves with it. Everyone has the warmest, gentle, kind memories from the childhood when a new day was expected and perceived as a meeting with something unknown and mysterious. We were friends of flowers, talked to bugs, helped little ants to build their house. We were not indifferent and everything alive loved us. Together we created the fairy tale and lived in it.

It is so important not to forget it! Not to extinguish internal firefly, to share this light so that kindness, purity, love in us has not disappeared. To rejoice and to look at this world with widely open eyes, as children.

My biography

Was born in 1965.

In 1988 graduated from the Odessa State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Art and Graphics.

1994–1997 - the participant of projects of creative association «Art - a cart».

1998–2005 – cooperation with galleries "Dialogues" (Odessa), "Olympus", "Rosental", Boyko’s Producer Centre (Kiev).

The participant of many projects, including international.

Awarded with the diploma of the government of Ukraine.

Artworks are on permanent exhibition in the gallery "Globus".

Participant of exhibition-collection № 2 "Dew"
(Slovakia, Bratislava;
Czeska Republika, Praga).

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in the Exhibition "Blessing" (Project № 40, Berlin).

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in the 6th Art Festival "Blessing" (Project № 40, Magdeburg).

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in The collection № 2 "Dew" (Slovakia, Bratislava; Czeska Republika, Praga).

Participant of the Project № 62 "Aviart-2012".
Record for Guinness World Records is set!.

Participant of exhibition-collection № 6 "Nature's gentle breath." (Residential Club District "Cherry Town").

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in The collection № 6 "Nature's gentle breath." (Residential Club District "Cherry Town").

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Always at your service
#60, canvas, oil
11.4"x17.3", 2005
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