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Since 1979 - worked as an artist at number of Kiev theaters.

Since 1989 – Modern painter.

Since 1991 - exhibitions in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

1992 - personal exhibition in Kiev.

1993 - exhibitions in Munich (Germany)

1996 - exhibitions in Rotterdam (Holland)

1996 - exhibitions in Bruxelles (Belgium)

1997 - exhibitions in Luxembourg

The concept of the artist’s painting is in combination of metaphysical philosophy and modern romanticism.

Igor Taverovsky calls his style - the metaphysical romanticism.

The artist doesn't give names to his artworks, thereby, forces the spectator to dream, to continue creative process of the artist.

Early series of pictures (more than hundred) are called "Artificial World", late - "Metaphysical Tales".

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 Artwork: 60 Next artwork: #59, Metaphysical fairy-tales. Composition #145
Metaphysical fairy-tales. Composition #146
#60, canvas, oil
41.3"x29.5", 2004
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 Artwork: 60 Next artwork: #59, Metaphysical fairy-tales. Composition #145
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