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Born June 20, 1969 in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

Graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Art College and the Kharkov Art Institute.

Member of the National Union of Artists.

Melnyk's works are exhibited at the Ukraine Ministry of Culture and the "Mars" Museum of Modern Art Gallery (Moscow), Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum, in Raiffeizen Aval Bank private collection, and in private collections of Denmark, Germany, USA, Netherlands, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, China, South Africa and still in 20 countries throughout the world.


2010 - "NIB" Gallery (Dnepropetrovsk).

2009 - "Kviten" Gallery (Dnepropetrovsk);

2008 - "Kiev-Art", "Da Vinci" Gallery (Ukrainian House, Kiev);

2007 - 50 years of DONSHU (Dnepropetrovsk);

2007 - "Kiev-Art"(Ukrainian House);

2006 - Contemporary Art Auction, "Moro" Gallery Actor's House (Kiev);

2006 - "Art City" Gallery (Dnepropetrovsk);

2005 - Anniversary Exhibition of the art school graduates covering 75 years

(Art Museum, Dnepropetrovsk)

2004 - "Spring 2004" DONSHU (Dnepropetrovsk);

2003 - Third International Art Festival (Magdeburg, Germany);

2002 - Jubilee Exhibition of the 45th Anniversary of the Union of Artists of Ukraine (Kiev);

2001- Second International Art Festival (Magdeburg, Germany);

2001 - Biennale of Painting (CX, Kiev);

2000 - "Surrealism, A Look Into the 21st Century" Festival

(Kharkov, City Art Gallery);

2000 - First International Art Festival (Magdeburg, Germany);

1999 - Master Class at the Royal School of Art (Holbek, Denmark);

1999 – "Nexus – 99", Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (Chicago, USA);

1999 - International Art Festival (Kiev, Ukrainian House);

1998 - Competition Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Ropca (ANNE - Rops 98),

(Namur, Belgium). Declared one of the World's Top 100 graphic artists in 1998;

1998 - International Art Festival (Kiev, Ukrainian House);

1998 - Salon of Contemporary Art (Moscow, CHA);

1997 - Art Manege (Moscow);

1997 - International Art Festival (Kiev, Ukrainian House);

1997 - The First Graphics Quadrennial (Moscow, CHA);

1995 - UN 50th Anniversary Competition (Kiev);

1995 - Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine;

1995 - International Biennale Pan-Ukraine 95 (Dnepropetrovsk);

1993 - Fantastic Graphics Competition in Los Angeles (USA);

1992 - Solo Exhibition. Graphics (Tallinn, Estonia);

1992 - International Biennale Pan-Ukraine 92 (Dnepropetrovsk);

1991 - Republican Exhibition (Kiev);

1990 - Republican Exhibition (Poltava, Ukraine).

Participant of the Project № 62 "Aviart-2012".
Record for Guinness World Records is set!.

Participant of exhibition-collection № 6 "Nature's gentle breath." (Residential Club District "Cherry Town").

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in The collection № 6 "Nature's gentle breath." (Residential Club District "Cherry Town").

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Sleep of ocean
#01, canvas, oil
39.4"x27.6", 2004
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