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He was born in 1956 in the village Sokirentsy of the Chernigov area.

In 1979 - 1986 he studied in fine arts studio of October Palace of Culture.

In 1983 he studied in private fine arts studio of Victor Zaretsky.

In 1980 - 1986 he studied at Correspondence University of arts (Moscow).

In 1986 - 1988 – in G. Khusida fine arts studio in the Palace of a factory "Bolshevik".

From 1980 to 1986 the personal exhibition of his works in the Palace of a factory "Bolshevik" was conducted.

The works of L. Kuzmenko are in private collections of Ukraine, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Spain.

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 Artwork: Previous artwork: #02, Lavra. Winter 01 
Autumn time
#01, canvas, oil
15.7"x11.8", 2001
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 Artwork: Previous artwork: #02, Lavra. Winter 01 
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