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Was born on August, 12th, 1959 in the city of Baku.

Has started to draw in the preschool age.

Parents did everything to help me in my passion.

The first teacher — the artist Tamara Satjan.

I have started to draw and paint (water colour) under her leadership.

I painted a lot while studying in the 10th grade.

I had about 15 thousand of sketches only.

I participated in exhibitions in Baku, in Gorise (Armenia), in Ulyanovsk (Russia) at School № 1 where V.I.Lenin had been studying.

The first personal exhibition was held in Baku when I was finishing school.

Have awarded with a sign the Young Artist of Azerbaijan.

All exhibitions were accompanied by articles in mass media, including TV.

1978-80 — service in the Soviet Army. Served in GDR.

In the beginning I was driver.

When my command found out that I draw I had been given a studio instead of the car although I resisted.

I painted portrait of commanders with families.

Many works were presented to the local authorities.

When I painted the portrait of Brezhnev with Erich Honecker in a room of the German-Soviet friendship, the group of Germans with the guide has entered the room.

They were surprised that such a young artist paints a serious portrait.

Work has been presented to the City Committee.

After demobilization I entered the college, Faculty of Art Design and simultaneously worked as the artist at the cinema Moscow in Baku.

In 1985 I graduated with honors and went to Kharkov in order to enter the Institute of Art and Industry. I failed the first attempt.

Has got a job on the Kharkov Bicycle Factory.

Worked as the house painter.

After work attended preliminary courses at the Kharkov Institute of Art and Industry.

In 1986 I entered the Faculty of Interior and Equipment.

Drawing was taught by professor Solodovnik.

Painting by the Honoured Worker of Arts V. M Chaus.

Since 1986 have taken part at exhibitions in the Union of Artists, in galleries The Dance, The Vernissage, Kharkov.

2001 - participation in the exhibition Unknown Russia 4 that took place in the Museum of Russian Modern Art in Jersey City, USA.

This museum has purchased one of my artwork.

2002 - one of three participants of the exhibition in Moscow in The Moscow House of Nationalities within the frameworks of the Year of Ukraine in Russia and The Day of Slavic Character.

Works were exposed in art museums of Kharkov, Chuguev, Lvov, Jersey City (USA).

Works can be found in embassy of Ukraine in Armenia, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Moscow (a gift from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine), in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, England, Germany, Egypt, Spain, Morocco, Israel, Italy, Canada, Poland, Portugal, the USA, Turkey and Czech Republic.

Now lives and works in Kharkov.

Artworks are on permanent exhibition in the gallery "Globus".

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in the Exhibition "Blessing" (Project № 40, Berlin).

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in the 6th Art Festival "Blessing" (Project № 40, Magdeburg).

Participant of the Project № 62 "Aviart-2012".
Record for Guinness World Records is set!.

Participant of exhibition-collection № 6 "Nature's gentle breath." (Residential Club District "Cherry Town").

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in The collection № 6 "Nature's gentle breath." (Residential Club District "Cherry Town").

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Venice, the bridge
#144, canvas, oil
27.6"x19.7", 2013
Vine and pomegranate
#143, canvas, oil
19.7"x27.6", 2014
Red mums
#142, canvas, oil
19.7"x27.6", 2010
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Road in village Volchya yama. Morning
#141, canvas, oil
19.7"x39.4", 2014
#140, canvas, oil
19.7"x35.4", 2014
Still life with fish
#139, canvas, oil
37.4"x15.7", 2009
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#137, canvas, oil
15.7"x25.6", 2011
Still life with melon
#136, canvas, oil
27.6"x39.4", 2011
Still life with grapes
#135, canvas, oil
27.6"x39.4", 2011
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Oriental still life with quince
#134, canvas, oil
33.5"x23.6", 2012
Still life with cherries
#133, canvas, oil
15.7"x21.7", 2012
#132, canvas, oil
13.8"x19.7", 2010
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Venice. Campo San Barnaba
#131, canvas, oil
17.7"x29.5", 2009
Pomegranate and Cardinal grape
#130, canvas, oil
27.6"x15.7", 2008
#129, canvas, oil
25.6"x15.7", 2008
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