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The formation of Pavel Vitanovskyi as an artist began with his birth in the family of eminent painters, Kievites by birth, his early childhood spent in the atmosphere of creativity and great passion for the works of expressionists and avant-gardists, to which he owes the creation of subtle, highly expressive feeling of colour intertweaving even into his childs drawings. 24-year-old artist whose paintings can already be found in private collections all over the world* decides to devote his life to fine arts being an adolescent. By the time of graduation from Kyiv Designers Institute of Applied Arts the author discovers his own manner of painting, acquiring distinct, distinguishing features.

This exposition can be fairly named a series of city-scapes. Authors fresh, unwilted manner in depicting familiar picturesque landscapes combined with unique painting techniques call into existence diverse, multiform, abundant visual impressions. All elements of a dreamy world depicted by Pavel seem as if reaching for the middle point, towards an imaginary sun. This effect creates the impression of illusionary fabulous cities, seas and mountains. The very moment of two worlds intermingling with each other is the counterpoint of artists creations where his concept is revealed in numerous aspects.

Pavels artistic world captures, captivates, fascinates. Skilful colour play and masterly composition arrangement help him create striking, bizarre and beautiful images.

* In Japan, France, Italy, USA, Russia, Germany, Canada, Poland.


1999-2002 Kiev National

Institute of Fine Art and Graphic Design by M. Boychuk, Industrial Design faculti.

Exhibitions and Festivals:

2007-2008 Kiev, Ukraine. Gallery of Art Library, Exposition Bulgakov. City autograph.

2007 Aurau, Switzerland. Exposition Triad of Colours.

2006 Kiev, Ukraine. Ukrainian Students Advertising Festival. III place in category Advertising.

2006 Kiev, Ukraine.

Ukrainian National Social Advertising Contest. II place in category Publicity Against Drug Addiction.

2004-2005 Kiev, Ukraine. Globe gallery. Participation in a series of expositions.

2003 Kiev, Ukraine.

"Nile" gallery. Exposition "Sigh of an Ancient City".

1999-2006 Kiev, Ukraine. Participation in Kyivs Day Annual National Artistic Festival, Andriyivskyi descent.

Participant of the Project  62 "Aviart-2012".
Record for Guinness World Records is set!.

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Sophievskaya Square
#85, canvas, oil
31.5"x31.5", 2008
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