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The talented and modern artist Vasiliy Semchuk was born on September 20, 1987 in the western Ukraine in Pochaev.

From an early age he showed an exceptional interest and talent for drawing and painting.

As an artist, he is self-educated. All the knowledge about the painting he collected on particles from books, interviews of artists and, of course, poring over paintings of in museums and art galleries.

From 2004 to 2006 he participated in the restoration of mural paintings in temples of Pochaev Lavra. This was his Art school.

The following years he is working in his studio with his brothers - Vladimir and Pavel Semchuk.

His works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia and the EU.

Artworks are on permanent exhibition in the gallery "Globus".

Participant of exhibition-collection № 7 "Nature's gentle breath". Gallery "Heritage", Rue du Perron 25, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland.

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in The collection № 7 "Nature's gentle breath". Gallery "Heritage", Rue du Perron 25, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland.

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#01, canvas, oil
18.5"x13.8", 2015
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