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Nataliia Zhyzhko (Didukh) was born on February 28, 1969 in Tyvriv, Vinnytsia region.

From early childhood, she perceived the world as something divine that inspires a person to be creative. Great influence on the desire to draw had a grandfather - Theodosius Sarabun.

In 19801984 she studied at Vinnytsia City Art School. The warm memory of the lessons and experiences of the wonderful teachers of the institution still warms her soul. But it was not possible to devote one's life to creativity, because fate had its own way. After graduating from Vinnytsia Polytechnic Institute, she was called to serve in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The childhood dream of becoming an artist has come to the fore.

However, many years later, the desire to create prompted her to take up the brush - and in September 2017, she began to paint again. And it was at her native military unit that her first solo exhibition took place on February 19, 2018. On March 1 of the same year, the following solo exhibition of the artist opened in the Officers' House Concert Hall, where 23 of her works were presented.

The artist describes nature and everything around us in her works. The amazing scenery and the unique beauty of the flowers transfer the viewer from one place to another, causing surprise and genuine admiration. The artist paints in oil on canvas. She works in the styles of impressionism and realism.

According to Nataliia, translated from French Impressionism means an impression and she wants to positively influence the audience, cheer them up.

On June 12-28, 2018, a large personal exhibition of the artist, consisting of 33 works, was held at the Art-Chic Regional Centre for Contemporary Art. The pictures included in the exposition are dedicated to the teachers of Vinnytsia City Art School. The diverse and colourful works were appreciated by the viewers and received praise from critics.

On August 21, the artist's works of art were presented at the Vinnytsia Regional Universal Scientific Library named after Timiryazev during the Ethnic Day Salvation of the Ukrainian People. That month, with the assistance of CO CITY UPDATE (Chairman Vyacheslav Lutskov), Nataliia Zhyzhko held master classes on painting for children of the ATO participants.

Another exhibition of the artist, which had great success with the viewers, was presented in December at the Vinnytsia City Library Branch #1.

On December 519, the Caspian Art International Art Competition was held in Edirne (Turkey), where Nataliia won the 2nd place in a nomination Painting.

At the beginning of 2019, the magazine Vinnytskyi Krai introduced its readers to the artist and her work.

On January 10, Nataliia Zhyzhko's personal exhibition was opened at Vinnytsia Regional Universal Scientific Library named after K.A. Timiryazev. And in February, the artist presented her works for Vinnytsia residents and guests of the city in the premises of the Seventh Administrative Court of Appeal of Vinnytsia at the invitation of the head Vitaliy Kuzmyshyn.

At the Golden Time International Competition, which finals took place in London on March 17, Nataliia's paintings won the 1st and the 3rd places.

In March, the artist participated in the International Contest of Arts held in Kazakhstan, where she won the Grand Prix. At the same time, Nataliia won the 3rd place in the International Portrait Contest from the Independent Artists Portal.

On March 11, July 19, September 15, the artist was a partner of the fashion show of the Stefanel modeling agency, where she presented her work.

May 2019 brought the artist an undeniable success at the Golden Time International Festival in Germany: the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd places. Subsequently, she won the 1st place at the Caspian Art International Competition in Turkey.

In June, Nataliia's personal exhibition entitled Black and White took place at the Art-Chic Regional Centre for Contemporary Art. The exhibition featured 40 paintings by the artist, including watercolours for the first time.

In July 2019, Nataliia won the 1st and the 2nd places at the Golden Time International Festival II.

During August the paintings of the artist gained the title of the best of the week on the international sites of artists.

Nataliia Zhyzhko became an illustrator of Irina Fedorchuk's collection of poems for children, Pearls from Irynka which came to light in August 2019.

On September 6, 2019, at the invitation of Professor Janusz Hajda, Director of the JAG Art Gallery, the personal exhibition of the Ukrainian artist was opened in the Polish city of Pulawy, where she presented 30 of her works.

At the beginning of 2020, the watercolor painting Rose was published in the French magazine Artmajeur.

Nataliia participated in the international festival of arts Dali's Mustache in Spain, where she won the 3rd place.

In February, the book Bouts-Rimes for two by Valery Khmelevskyi and Evgeniia Yurchenko illustrated by Nataliia was published.

On March 8, the fashion show of Nataliia's works was held by the Stefanel modeling agency.

In March, the artists watercolors were selected to participate in the international exhibition of watercolors Water of Life in Chornomorsk.

Nataliia's works won the 1st place and the Grand Prix at the Golden Time International Festival in San Francisco (the USA) in March 2020.

In April 2020, Nataliia recorded the interview with Andrii Morekhodov on the topic: Im a self-made man.

In April 2020, the artist's paintings took part in the Golden Time International Festival in Scotland, where they won the Grand Prix and the 1st place.

On May 23, the artist received a diploma Laureate of the First Degree at the ZIRKA International Festival in Krakow.

On May 18-24, she was involved in the online project Symphony of Painting.

In June 2020, Nataliia's works participated in the watercolors qualifying competition for the Hahnemuhle Company in Germany.

On July 3-13, 2020 she joined in the art exhibition Living Planet at Dim Khudozhnyka in Kyiv.

On July 5, the artist won the Grand Prix at the ZIRKA International Festival in Bremen.

On July 12-24, she contributed to the exhibition Stop, beautiful moment, which took place at the Globus Gallery in Kyiv.

On July 18, she took part in the Golden Time International Festival in Spain, where she won the Grand Prix and the 1st place.

On July 30, Dim Khudozhnyka (Kyiv) published the catalog I am an artist, which included the artist's paintings.

On August 7, a catalog of works by the Globus Gallery was published in Kiev including the works by Nataliia.

On August 12-23, the exhibition Personal Traces was opened in Kyiv History Museum, where the artist's works were also represented.

She became a laureate of the 1st degree at the ZIRKA Star Summer 2020 International Festival in Bulgaria.

In September 2020, she entered the Masters of Arts course of the Vinnytsia Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi State Pedagogical University.

On September 15, she took part in the 1st International Open Air INSHE ART. Her work entered the top three and was included in Knyha Rekordiv Ukrayiny.

On September 18-27, 2020 Nataliia joined in the art exhibition My inspiration at Dim Khudozhnyka in Kyiv.

On September 23, she took part in the International Festival Ukraine Unites the World, where she won the 1st prize.

On October 3, she was involved in the international online exhibition of watercolors in Tokyo organized by the Japan International Watercolor Institute (JIWI).

On October 12, the artist contributed to the 48th exhibition of the Portal of Independent Artists in Kyiv.

On October 20, she joined in a student exhibition at the Vinnytsia Regional Museum of Art.

On November 27-December 6, she participated in the art exhibition Philosophy of Creativity at Dim Khudozhnyka in Kyiv.

On December 6, 2020 on the site of the Artmajeur Gallery the artist's work was included in the top 100 of 2020.

On December 9, Nataliia gave an interview to the Glyanec magazine dedicated to the International Artist Day.

Natalia's works at the Golden Time International Festival in Georgia won two first places and the Grand Prix in December 2020.

On December 18, the artist took part in the student New Year's exhibition at the Vinnytsia Local History Museum.

On December 28, the collection of poems Visions of the Rain by Evgeniia Yurchenko, illustrated by the artist, was published.

On February 2, 2021 the artist contributed to the International Watercolor Exhibition at IWS Sare Gallery Moscow.

On February 2, Nataliia took part in the International Online Open Air of Ukraine 2021INSHE ART.

The artist has already been a judge at the Golden Time International Festival for two seasons.

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15.7"x15.7", 2020
My watercolors "Nocturne"
15.7"x23.6", 2021
My watercolors "Academic staging"
15.7"x23.6", 2021
Still life with mushrooms
19.7"x15.7", 2020
15.7"x19.7", 2020
11.8"x11.8", 2019
White Owl
11.8"x11.8", 2020
11.8"x11.8", 2020
Expression (free copy)
15.7"x19.7", 2020
King of the sky
19.7"x15.7", 2020
Flower alley
11.8"x11.8", 2020
My watercolors "Roses"
11.8"x15.7", 2019
My watercolors "Sunny cat"
11.8"x15.7", 2020
My watercolors "The last of the mohicans"
11.8"x15.7", 2020
My watercolors " Sunflowers"
11.8"x15.7", 2019
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