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1977 – She was born in Odessa on August 3.

1997 – Started to participate in municipal, regional and international exhibitions

1999 – She graduated from the K.D. Ushynsky South-Ukrainian State Pedagogical university, profession "Imitative Arts", qualification of master of pedagogical education, a teacher of imitative arts.

2002 – She graduated from assistance-probation of the National Academy of imitative arts and architecture and got complete higher education at specialty "Imitative arts and arts and crafts" and got the qualification of та здобула кваліфікацію artist-painter, teacher.

2002 – She is a member of the National union of artists of Ukraine.

Personal exhibitions:

1998 – "Scent of spring", gallery "House of Frapolli, Odessa

2001 – "Secret Places", Franko Central City library, Odessa.

2004 – "Meetings on te banks", the Foundetion for the Arts development, Kyiv."Between heaven and Earth", Republican House of Actor, Kyiv.

2007 - "120 months", Republican House of Writers of Ukraine, Kyiv.

2008 - "Art-Kyiv", Ukranian House, Kyiv

2009 - "Marchuk s country estate", village of Kozychanka, Kyiv Oblast

International exhibitions:

2009 - "Connecting art" "ArTtu" Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2009 - Львовский осенний салон «Высокий замок», г.Львов.


1997-1999 – Yasky village, Odessa region

2000 – Kyslyci village, Izmayilsky district of Odessa region

2000 - Crimea.

2001 – Vilkovo, Odessa region

2002, 2003 – Nemirov,Vinnitsa region

2003 – Soymy, Carpathians

2004 – "Nu" on the back of the sea", AR Crimea

2005 – "Golden Adriatic", Croatia

2006 - Kinburnska Tongue of land.

2006 - Feodosia.

2006 - "Temptation", Crimea.

2006 - Bubnische, Carpathians.

2007- "Hunting for solar hare", Kremenets.

2007 - "Live Fire",Lekeche, Carpathians.

2007 - "Temptation", Abkhazia.

2007 - Soymy, Carpathians

2008 - "Live Fire", Vighnytca, Carpathians.


Odessa Museum of Local History

Nikolaev of V.V.Vereschagin Art Museum

Ivan Gonchar Museum, Kiyv

Makarov Art Gallery

The works are in many private collections of the world – Germany, Mexico, USA, Australia, England, Canada, Ukraine and etc...

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#113, canvas, oil
27.6"x23.6", 1999
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