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Olga Kotova was born in 1973. In 1990 entered the Odessa Art College named after M.B.Grekov.

Since 1992 participated in regional, republican, international exhibitions:

1994- Second award on Youth Exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of The National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

1998 – The Famous Ukrainian Female Artists

1998 - Personal exhibitions in the French Center in Odessa

1999 - On Uyutnaya Str

2000 - Exhibition Hall of the Odessa Organization of The National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

2003 – The World Odessit Club

2003 – Gallery Maysternya, Kiev

2004 – Odessa Museum of Eastern and Western Art

2000 and 2001 – awarded at the Lvov Autumn International Salon "High Castle"


1994 -96 – Odessa Academy of Arts

1996-97 – Athens Academy of Arts

1998-2010 – Masters and Postgraduate study at the Painting and Graphics Faculty of the South State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinskiy.


1999 — training in Paris "Discover the Modern French Art".

2000 — accepted to the Union of Artists of Ukraine (Odessa organization).

Plein-airs at Azov sea in 1999, in Kanev in 2000, in Sednev in 2003

Works of the artist are in museums and private collections of Ukraine, Russia, France, Greece, Italy, and Germany.

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Jenuary, 2006. Total of renewals — 1.

#35, canvas, oil

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