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He has received maximum architectural education in 1981. He worked on a speciality in the design institutes in Kyiv.

Since his student's years he took a great interest in ideas of surrealism and in 1977 he has painted the first works in this genre.

The first exhibition, which named "Vanguard painting in the works of the students of architectural faculty" and in which he has taken part, was held on April, 1, 1979 in Octyabrsky palace.

Since 1985 he began to be engaged professional in painting.

Since 1986 he constantly accepted active participation in opening days in Аndreevsky Spusk in celebration of Kyiv Day.

In 1988 he participated in the exhibition in House of Teacher "Modern Ukrainian painting".

Since 1990 - the co-operation and participation in the exhibitions of gallery "Bost-Аrt" at the centre "Ukrainsky Dim".

1990 - "One who can see must will see".

1991 - "Destroyer of traditions".

1990, 1992 – the personal exhibitions.

1991 – the exhibition in Eurocentre in Berlin.

1994 – the exhibition "The Foremen of surrealism" in gallery "In Spasskaya".

1995, 1996 - many other modular exhibitions in gallery "In Spasskaya" and "Batkivshchyna" (“Native land”).

1995, 1997 – the exhibition in gallery "Azur", Sia, Belgium.

Lately he accepted selective participation in the various modular exhibitions of the Ukrainian artists.

In a basis of the concept of his creativity the principles of surrealism are fixed:

Connection of unreal and naturalistic, authenticity and fiction, poetry and true;

Unattended game of subconscious associations;

Originality, mysteriousness and refinement of images and plots;

Forming of the complex strictly balanced non-standard dynamical composition;

Severe architectonic and internal balance of images;

The sense is multiple-valued and involuntary, it escapes the simple analysis and definition with the help of logic intuition;

Embodiment of hope that exist the absolute greatness of values countering to absurdity and chaos of life.

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in the Exhibition "Blessing" (Project № 40, Berlin).

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#15, canvas, oil
19.7"x27.6", 2006

#14, canvas, oil
35.4"x28.3", 2005

#13, canvas, oil
19.7"x27.6", 2006

#12, canvas, oil
28.3"x35.4", 2006
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