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He was born in April 10, 1950 in Khelnitskiy region.

In 1969 he has finished a Khmelnitskiy pedagogical school.

1969-1972 - a service on Navy.

1977 - he has graduated from an art-graphic faculty of Odessa pedagogical institute.

1977-1978 - he worked at the pedagogical work.

1978-1992 - he worked in sphere of an industrial aesthetics and design.

Artworks are on permanent exhibition in the gallery "Globus".

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in the Exhibition "Blessing" (Project № 40, Berlin).

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in the 6th Art Festival "Blessing" (Project № 40, Magdeburg).

Participant of the Project № 62 "Aviart-2012".
Record for Guinness World Records is set!.

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On the river Sula. Village Mgar
#82, canvas, oil
31.5"x47.2", 2013
First snow
#81, canvas, oil
27.6"x39.4", 2013
On the River Uday. Gorodishche
#80, canvas, oil
27.6"x41.3", 2013
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Summer surf
#79, canvas, oil
17.7"x24.4", 2011
Desna river
#78, canvas, oil
31.5"x47.2", 2011
Teteriv river
#77, canvas, oil
21.7"x33.5", 2011
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Summer day
#76, canvas, oil
19.7"x15.7", 2010
On the river Teteriv
#75, canvas, oil
23.6"x15.7", 2010
First snow
#74, canvas, oil
23.6"x15.7", 2010
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River Ross
#73, canvas, oil
47.2"x31.5", 2009
City of Kotor. of Montenegro
#72, canvas, oil
31.5"x27.6", 2009
In reke Ross
#71, canvas, oil
19.7"x13.8", 2009
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In the mountains of Montenegro
#70, canvas, oil
25.6"x21.7", 2009
Montenegro. Stoliv. St. Basil's Church
#69, canvas, oil
31.5"x23.6", 2009
Kotor Bay View
#68, canvas, oil
33.5"x23.6", 2009
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