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«While presenting someone happiness, we find the own one.»

Velga was born in Kiev. She has kept on painting since she was 12. Since 2006 Velga has joined the movement of Tralfrealism that is the trend in the modern art founded more than 20 years in the midst of Ukrainian underground. She took part in team exhibitions in ENIGMA Gallery, Kiev. In 2006 her solo exhibition took place in the gallery that is the only gallery of tralfrealism in the world. The leaders of the movement stress that Velga's joining in Tralfrealism is graphic evidence of support for this trend from artists of new generation. The main trait of Tralfrealism is inadmissibility of overt destruction, depression, aggression and any negativeness at all. According to the Manifest of Tralfrealism, Harmony as a consonance of other values of mankind has to prevail in a tralfrealistic work. Main among the values acknowledged by tralfrealists are Good, Beauty, Light, Creativity, Love, Human. Though, tralfrealists do not negate sacrificing some of values for the sake of Harmony in the image. In Velga's interpretation, Tralfrealism is an attempt to transfer images to the canvas from a certain, not imaginary world, which has no end and no usual material incarnation; but at the same time that world contains an inexhaustible potential of ideas, emotions, feelings, experiences and senses unembodied in the customary world. According to the artist, the ordinary reality is only a material for various and numberless tralfrealistic embodiments. The destiny and task of the artist is to keep out negative which can distort and profane tralfrealistic canvas. Due to this, tralfrealism is able to change for the better the actual world endlessly. Followers of Tralfrealism assert their trend is not only a creative instrument, but also a philosophical method in fine art. Presently, artists in Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Czechia, France, the USA, China, Australia are participants and followers of the current of Tralfrealism.

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Between the past and future
#30, canvas, acrylics
23.6"x27.6", 2008
#29, canvas, acrylics
23.6"x19.7", 2008
#28, canvas, acrylics
27.6"x35.4", 2008
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Happy tulips
#27, canvas, acrylics
23.6"x19.7", 2008
Luminous gladioluses
#26, canvas, acrylics
23.6"x31.5", 2008
#25, canvas, acrylics
15.7"x11.8", 2008
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«..I give you my heart..»
#24, canvas, acrylics
23.6"x31.5", 2007

#23, canvas, acrylics
23.2"x28.7", 2007

#22, canvas, acrylics, oil
31.5"x23.6", 2007
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Modern castle
#21, cardboard, a?ril
8.3"x11.4", 2004
Behind the city
#20, cardboard, a?ril
11.4"x8.3", 2004
#19, cardboard, a?ril
11.4"x8.3", 2005
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Mountain mirror
#18, cardboard, gouache
11.4"x8.3", 2005
My bouquet
#17, cardboard, gouache
8.3"x11.4", 2004
Sea glare
#16, cardboard, gouache
8.3"x11.4", 2003
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