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She was born in 1952 in Novoazovsk of Donetsk area.

The creative path of the artist began in fine arts studio of The Belozertsev artists (Mariupol).

After the graduation from the Kyiv Polytechnic institute there has occurred comprehension that the main need of soul - painting. Working as an engineer-designer in the Scientific-research institute, Lyudmila Bondar studied in the studio of Kyiv’s artist Olga Zakharova.

In 1990 she became the member of the Kyiv urban union of the artists-fans, in 1992 – a member of the society "Podol-creativity".

Participated in the exhibitions in the Arts Palace “Ukrainsky Dim” (1992- 1996), exhibitions organized by V. Boyko (2002).

By nature Lyudmila Bondar is an optimist.

The creative credo of the artist - to paint light and joyful works. A favourite theme is the flowers. She considers, that the main is to express and to inform up to the spectator a light beginning pledged in the nature, beauty and originality of its forms, thin colour relations.

The works of Lyudmila Bondar are in private collections of the countries of Europe and America.

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 Artwork: Previous artwork: #05, Field bouquet 04 Next artwork: #03, Wild flowers
August, 2001. Total of renewals — 1.
#04, canvas, oil
15.7"x11.8", 2002
 All  Best  Renewal #1 
 Artwork: Previous artwork: #05, Field bouquet 04 Next artwork: #03, Wild flowers
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