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Artem was born May 8, 1997, in Kiev.

In 2010 entered Shevchenko art school in Kiev.

Studied under the guidance of teachers: Mudra N., Puzirkova L., Davydova T.

2014. Successfully passed the exam and entered the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, 1 Course, faculty of painting.

Exhibitions and competitions:

2009 -1st place on the second All-Ukrainian contest of children's drawings "We are for peace in the world"

2013 -2nd place at the seventh international art competition of contemporary art in the category: Landscape. Prof. category : Student. (Ukrainian art week)

2013 -2nd place in the 11th All-Ukrainian competition of academic drawing "Silver line"

2013 -member of a charity auction in support of T.Shevchenko art school in the project "DUKAT ART CHARITY"(auction house "Ducat")

2014 -participant All-Ukrainian art exhibition dedicated to the Day of artist (NUAU)

2014 -Solo Exhibition "Autumn mood" (St.Zolotovoritska 2a)

2014 -participant Competition. Oleksandr Murashko (Exhibition Hall NAFAA)

2014r -member of the All-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition (NUAU)

2014r member of exhibition "New Year's Salon Gallery "Arka" and Friends"

2015 -participant of Competition. Viktor Zaretsky (Exhibition Hall NAFAA)

2015 -participant Competition. Oleksandr Murashko (Exhibition Hall NAFAA)

2015 -member of the All-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition (NUAU)

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#02, canvas, oil
51.2"x31.5", 2014
The wind that fills the sails
#01, canvas, oil
39.4"x31.5", 2014
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