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The member of the Artists Union of Ukraine. He is a sculptor. The author and co-author of a number known in Ukraine monuments and memorials.

He was born on the 21st of September, 1974, in Kyiv in the family of the remarkable wizards of the Ukrainian art.

His grandfather Ivan Znoba was a sculptor, a founder of the Dnepropetrovsk section of the Artists Union of Ukraine.

His main works: a monument of Тaras Shevchenko (Dnepropetrovsk), a monument "The Last span of ground " (Uzhgorod), a monument of Тaras Shevchenko (Khmelnitskiy).

His mother’s father Nicholas Моlоshtanov is a known painter.

His grandmother Аngelyna Моlоshtanova is a known painter. They were the oldest members of the Artists Union of Ukraine.

His father Valentyn Znoba was born in 1929. He is a sculptor. The national artist of Ukraine, full member of Academy of arts of Ukraine, winner of the Taras Shevchenko State prize, member of International Academy of the information in the General status of UN. The author of many memorials, including Bukrynsky foothold, monuments of Glory in Kherson and Khmelnitskiy (Ukraine), Poklonnaya Gora (Moscow, Russia). Now he continues fruitfully to work.

His mother Tatiana Golembievskaya is a remarkable Ukrainian artist-painter, the author of products, which were included in golden fund of fine art, the participant of many domestic and international exhibitions, a teacher. The professor of the faculty of painting of the Ukrainian academy of Arts. The member of the Artists Union of Ukraine, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of arts, national artist of Ukraine.

Nicholas Znoba has completed the sculptural faculty of National academy (workshop of the professor V. Shvetsova).

During his study in the Academy he took part in many exhibitions in Great Britain, Italy, Greece, France.

The degree work "Sources" was devoted to a theme of Trypolska culture and exhibits a figure of the ancient wizard-potter, which holds jugs created archeological reliable, of which water is poured out.

This work has conquered on architectural-sculptural competition and became an acting fountain in Obolon, Kyiv (2001).

The young sculptor is the co-author of monuments "Cossack Mamai" (2001) on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv, "Аrchistratig Мikhail " in Obolon (Kyiv, 2000), the author of the memorable sign in the square Santiago de Chile (Kyiv, 2001), 2 sculptural bas-reliefs "Saint equal apostolic Olga" and " Saint equal apostolic Vsevolod", which are disposed on a facade of Saint Olga Church (Kyiv).

Now he works with enthusiasm in small bronze, including a series "Hetmen of Ukraine ", he is engaged portrait plastic arts, takes part in architectural-sculptural competitions.

The works of the sculptor decorate museums and private collections of Russia, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, and France.

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Sacred Equallyapostle Olga
#15, bronze
, 1999
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