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Janiszewski Julia was born on June 15, 1983 in Kiev.

In 2005. she finished Economic University.

In early childhood, she developed an interest in painting, but of special education in this field is not present.

Independently mastered the basics of trial and error.

The original works are in private collections in Ukraine, USA, Cyprus and other countries.

I take an active part in art exhibitions.

Exhibition activities:

In 2013, she took part in the XIII All-Ukrainian exhibition "Art Country", which took 2nd place with the work "Night in the mountains"

2014. in the XIV All-Ukrainian exhibition "Art Country"

2016. He took part in the XII International exhibition-competition of contemporary art "Ukrainian Art Week" in the Central House of Artists, Kiev. All three works won prizes (2nd place in the category: landscape, portrait, genre painting.)

2016. It was marked by the jury in the "conceptual art" Ukrainian competition-scholarship for artists 2016. "Talent Energi Fest".

2016. "Art Week in China" International Exhibition of Modern Art.

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sea Whisper
#14, canvas, oil
27.6"x19.7", 2014
#13, canvas, oil
15.7"x19.7", 2016
overnight journey
#12, canvas, oil
19.7"x15.7", 2014
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7.1"x9.4", 2016
Proud iris
7.1"x9.4", 2016
Somewhere in the mountains
#09, canvas, oil
27.6"x19.7", 2015
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Ocean is shaking
#08, canvas, oil
23.6"x11.8", 2016
Night in the mountains
19.7"x15.7", 2012
Peonies underwater
#06, canvas, oil
19.7"x15.7", 2015
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Simply sea
#05, canvas, oil
27.6"x19.7", 2014
#04, canvas, oil
19.7"x23.6", 2015
The birth of planets
#03, canvas, oil
39.4"x19.7", 2016
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Glory to Ukraine
23.6"x31.5", 2011
A look into the future
#01, canvas, oil
23.6"x27.6", 2012
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