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«Be honest to yourself, do what you really enjoy and only then it will be SINCERE.»

Was born on November, 18th, 1986.

In 2001 finished the Art school (Design class).

In 2003 decided to enter the Moscow Textile College.

Passed through examinations to Batic department, received the assistantship.

But unfortunately I was unable to graduate over residence permit and citizenship problems.

In college I learned everything I know – drawing, design, batic, but I soon I got tired.

I moved to Kiev and left art for two years trying to find my way.

I had plenty of exhibitions. The winner of various Ukrainian Children and Youth exhibitions.

Exhibitions in different cities of Ukraine, in London and USA.

Directions: painting, graphics art, design, batic

My unique style is absurd abstraction – painting on canvas, acryle + graphics.

For the time I didn't draw, I have written the city youth novel about mad love in Russian.

And for two years I’m able to publish it in Ukraine.

It is very sad that no one wants to help young talented writers and artists in the country.

So they are going to the other countries looking of recognition…

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 Artwork: Previous artwork: #11, Depressed lily 10 Next artwork: #09, Depression
15.7"x23.6", 2002
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 Artwork: Previous artwork: #11, Depressed lily 10 Next artwork: #09, Depression
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