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I was born on the 1st of September 1955 in Sevastopol.

From the childhood I wished to become the artist.

As I remember myself I always painted.

In 11 I have entered the Sevastopol Children's Art School.

It was the beginning of my professional education which is proceeding till nowadays.

After finishing the high school I tried to enter some art colleges (Moscow Polygraphic, Stroganov’s College, Textile College, etc.). But failed for different reasons.

Then I got a job in art-industrial workshops of the USSR Union of Artists Fund. In those days in the beginning of 70’s I worked a lot in the studios.

I was engaged in art processing of stone, in a round sculpture, in relief under the leadership of skilled and good sculptor K.G.Koshkin.

His school had given me the essential experience.

Sculpture has carried me away, but I did not want to give up painting.

All my free time I spent with painter’s case in the suburbs of the city.

1974-76 – years of the service in the Soviet Army.

I held weapon only once - on the oath. Afterwards my arms were only brushes and pencils.

After demobilization I returned to Sevastopol.

I was engaged in design and decorative applied works in different organizations.

I traveled through all Crimea mountains with a backpack and my painter’s case.

I still have the numerous of sketches in oils and water colors since those times.

They helped me to make a choice of the basic theme of my artwork which is a landscape.

In 1988 I was invited to teach in the Sevastopol Children's Art School which I have finished in my childhood.

In 1989 I entered the Odessa Pedagogical Institute, the Faculty of Art and Graphical Design, Distance Learning Department and graduated in 1994 with honors.

In 1996 having left the teaching I concentrated on painting.

I started to expose the paintings in various galleries and exhibitions.

The main theme of my creativity is a sea landscape.

My works are realistic by form, romantic by content, interior by application.

I am married, I have two children.

My wife is the artist, the oldest daughter is the propman puppet-maker artist, the son is the student of the Kyiv Lysenko Secondary Specialized Music School.

Now I live and work in Kiev.

Participant of exhibition-collection № 1 "Field bouquet" (Montenegro, Budva).

Participant of exhibition-collection № 2 "Dew"
(Slovakia, Bratislava;
Czeska Republika, Praga).

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in the exhibition-collection № 1 "Field bouquet" (Montenegro, Budva).

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in The collection № 2 "Dew" (Slovakia, Bratislava; Czeska Republika, Praga).

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Sevastopol bay
#53, canvas, oil
49.2"x11.8", 2002
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 Artwork: Previous artwork: #54, Trail over the sea 53 Next artwork: #52, Fresh breeze
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