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He graduated from the Architecture Faculty of the Kiev Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Member of the Union of Architects of Ukraine, assistant professor of the foundations of architecture and architectural design.

He has participated in exhibitions: Personal History Museum Hem (Kiev, 1993), Contemporary Art of Ukraine (Ukrainian House, Kiev, 1994), exhibition of creative works of young artists, (Ukrainian House Kiev, 1995), solo exhibition at the Exhibition Hall of the "Ancient Kiev" (Kiev, 1996), solo exhibition at the Exhibition Hall of the House of Artists in Lutsk (1998), solo exhibitions at the Exhibition Hall of the House of Architects (Kiev, 1989, 2000, 2001, 2010).

His works are in private collections in Ukraine, CIS, Canada, Germany, USA.

Head of creative architectural studio "ViV" (Kiev).

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Before the storm
#19, watercolor
4.9"x15.4", 2009
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