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In connection with moving his parents, he lived at the inhabited areas of the Karelian Isthmus, in Leningrad. In 1968 he has gone to the secondary school in Kremenchug of the Poltava area, which he has finished with honours in 1978. The childhood passed in the picturesque places of the village Mikhailovka of the Lebedin region of the Sumy area and in the Kharkov area. Impressions received from dialogue with fantastic places, embodied in sketches by a pencil. Studying in school, he took an active part in creative life: in decorating, in a dancing circle, chorus. He was an active sportsman, he took part in contests in gymnastics, basketball, and was the champion of the Poltava area in fencing on rapiers. From 1978 to 1984 he studied in The Kirov Military-Medical Academy. During his study he continued to be engaged actively in sports (gymnastics, fencing), he was an active member of the editorial board of the course. He carried out a large scientific work. After graduating from the Academy, for scientific work on all-Union competition of the students, he was awarded with the diploma of the first degree and he is awarded with a medal. Upon termination of training he passed the military service in the Leningrad area. He began his medical activity as a doctor of the unit and he has served to the position of the chief of the medical service of the unit. During the service, he kept to be engaged apart from the direct duties, large design activity. Serving in picturesque places of the Leningrad area, visiting the richest museums of Leningrad and area, he independently improved his art experience (started to paint by watercolours and in subsequent by oil). The colourful places of Leningrad, Pushkino, Peterhof, Gatchina, Karelian Isthmus for the first time are reflected in the pictures which paint by oil. These pictures decorate the first-aid stations of the units. After a retrain in The Kirov Military-medical academy in 1990-1993 and successful protection of a candidate thesis, he was distributed in Kyiv, where he passes the further service and nowadays. Here he makes the acquaintance of the artists, under which influence he continues to improve the skill. He painted many pictures about the picturesque places of Ukraine, which are in the different private collections. He took part in many art exhibitions. A favourite theme of his painting is the village subjects, and also the mountain landscapes and sea.

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Before a rain
#17, canvas, oil
27.6"x23.6", 2004
Sea motif
#14, canvas, oil
27.6"x19.7", 2003
Autumn motif
#11, canvas, oil
27.6"x19.7", 2003
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Peasant's hut
#10, canvas, oil
19.7"x15.7", 2003
#06, canvas, oil
11.8"x15.7", 2002
Before the storm
#03, canvas, oil
27.6"x31.5", 2002
Autumn time
#01, canvas, oil
17.7"x13.8", 2002
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