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He is said to be like to the bible hero. He is a free artist. To be exact – artist-drawing, sometimes - painter, as times - designer of jeweller. He is exhibited seldom. But the collectors well know him. Truth, till now anybody has not learned secret of his “web”…

He is unique, who works in this strange style, to which no any name. His works as if has flagged time: the web of most thin flaws on all space … He loves tessellated. As though, he constitutes pictures of splinters. Each of them - separate universe. Fantasia castles, cities-blues and radiant sunset – “the breach between worlds”… It is his plots.

He does not like dark streets, therefore his pictures are similar on carnival. And in them there is any miss…

"Many artists have their vision of the world, their game of plots and tones. Everyone deposits to art something their, leaving a unique sign. Here there can not be a competition. There is only free wind of wanderings … "

( A. Таrnovsky)

“To art try to approach with net hands and light head. I know it. But I do not know, how the majority of my pictures are made. When, figuratively speaking, I “went” into them, I "was diluted" on many hours of continuous works. They, appear, were made on one breath … And when you leave this state, that was there, remains by a riddle. I was the artist, when there was "inside", and now – I am a same spectator, as all…”

( A. Таrnovsky)

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Wheaten field
#18, canvas, oil
31.5"x31.5", 2001
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 Artwork: Previous artwork: #19, Sunset on Dnieper 18 Next artwork: #17, Heavenly city
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