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He was born in 1969 in Kyiv.

In 1986 he has graduated from the Art Studio and he has entered at the Kyiv Institute of building and construction at the architectural faculty. He graduated from the Institute in 1993. He has been occupied with Professional painting since 1992.

During the period of 1993-1994 he has been working above creation of the posters and polygraphic production.

1995 - a headmaster of the architectural building organization.

In 1994 he took part in the exhibition of the young Russian artists in Helsinki (Finland).

Since 1995 he permanently is on display in galleries of Kyiv and Prague.

His works are in private collections in more than 40 countries of the world.

"From an aesthetic view most valuable is atmospheric painting of Dmitriy Shklyar, which takes its beginning in understanding of dynamic changes in natural environment. The artist emotionally feels internal changes of the natural phenomena, synthesizing classical traditions of Russia and Ukraine. But all the same the author digresses from these traditions to neo-romantic style. We can define him between the modern artists who work in the open nature and those who looking the plots in a real natural surrounding but thus they gave up the classicism due to skill to aggregate neo-romantic with today's day. For example, the images of the ancient ships belong to the new imagination, in which the ideas approaching to the border of illusionary surrealism dominate.

The important part of creativity of the foreman is occupied the water colours which expressed in situation creativity, working with soft colour undertints. The author emphasizes the foreground by merger to the surrounding world, digresses from the real image to free submission. We notice as, for example, the motives of historical architecture are displayed by accents, the dominants and fragments are muffled and recede on the second plan. It occurs because, that the water colour requires very swift, but thus skilfully exact movement of a brush. The separate group of water colours is defined inverted to romantic inspiration of motive, gripping plots of urban life of past times, the ancient details and attributes by historical temple architecture are appearing. These reminiscences have the poetry connected to poetic submissions of the classical literature. This connection of the literature and art creativity is one of the especial features of the Ukrainian and Russian art as a whole".

(President of the European union of arts

John Newton,

Prague, January, 2001).

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