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Gulnara Saberkyan was born in Artik, Armenia in 1955.

In 1976, she entered the K. Abovian Academic Institute in Yerevan to pursue studies in art. After graduating from the Institute, Gulnara taught art to elementary and junior high school students in her native town Artik. In 1988, the hard earthquake in Armenia destroyed her school in Artik and about 1500 students were sent to Latvia for shelter and schooling. Gulnara followed her students and went to Latvia where she continued to teach them art in Tsesis.

Circumstances following the earthquake inspired Gulnara to begin her professional career as a painter. She took an active part in organization for Armenia relief. In 1989 Gulnara's first exhibition of water colors was held in Tsesis, Latvia. The proceeds were donated to the Children's Foundation for help to earthquake victims. In 1990 Gulnara was selected to become a member of the prestigious Artist's Union of Armenia. Despite the shortages of art supplies brought on by the economic blockade of Armenia, Gulnara has been a prolific artist.

Gulnara is most known for her oil paintings with various themes which are characteristic of Armenia, traditional village scenes, flowers, churches, landscapes and female figures. These themes also appear in her water color works. Many of her works are in private collections around the world.

Gulnara has had many exhibitions of her works in Latvia, Armenia, Germany, and Ukraine. Gulnara has been invited to exhibit her works for the first time in USA. The proceeds of her exhibitions are being donated to Armenia relief.

Personal exhibitions:

1989 – Tsesis, Latvia. Charity exhibition of water colors works. Proceeds donated to Children's Foundation for aid to child victims of the earthquake of 1988.

1992 – Yerevan, Armenia. Paintings and Graphics sponsored by the Committee on Cultural Connections with Foreign Countries. Proceeds donated to Austrian Children's Hospital in Gumri (formally Leninakan).

1993 – Artik, Armenia. Exhibition devoted to Mother’s Day and Beauty.

1994 – Hamel, Germany. Private Gallery of Frua Fisher. Exhibition was called "Armenia".

1996 – Gumry, Armenia. Exhibition called "We", sponsored by the Artists Union of the Republic of Armenia.

1997 – Odessa, Ukraine. Odessa's Organization of Ukraine's Artists Union. Exhibition was called "Spring".

1998 – Hartford, USA. "Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program". Proceeds were transferred to the St. George Armenian Church.

1998 – Philadelphia, USA. Holy Trinity Armenian Church.

1999 – Marseille, France. Rue des Mousses, Prado Plaza, 42.

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#10, canvas, oil
21.7"x27.6", 2000
Field bouquet
#09, canvas, oil
21.7"x27.6", 2000
#08, canvas, oil
21.7"x27.6", 2000
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#07, canvas, oil
27.6"x21.7", 2000
Poppies and camomiles
#06, canvas, oil
21.7"x27.6", 2000
#05, canvas, oil
21.7"x27.6", 2000
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#04, canvas, oil
27.6"x21.7", 2000
#03, canvas, oil
26.8"x29.5", 2000
#02, canvas, oil
26.8"x29.5", 2000
Rural motif
#01, canvas, oil
35.4"x29.5", 1995
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