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Was born on February 21st 1978 in Kiev.

During her childhood she studied at Naum Ostashinsky’s art studio.

During 1992 – 1995 Anna studied at "Taras Shewchenko’s Republican Art School" on Applied Art faculty.

From 1995 till 2001 she studied at "the National Academy of Arts and Architecture" - Graphic Arts faculty.

Anna Renkas participated in following exhibitions and comprtitions:

- Participated in several Art Academy exhibitions (1995 – 2001)

- Graphic exhibition/contest in Spain (1998)

- Exhibition at "Mulder Art Gallery" Arnhem Netherlands (2001)

- Received a winning place in "the Ukrainian National Art Academy Student Competition" (2000)

Since 1998 Anna Renkas worked as Artist/Designer at Kiev daily newspaper "Metro", magazine "Edinstwennaja" and company "Zolotoj Wol."

From 2003 Anna specialized in monumental arts such as murals and mosaic.

Besides that Anna Renkas is active in the field of furniture decoration and graphic arts.

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Antique Ruins
#14, paper, watercolors, ink
7.9"x11.4", 2010
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 Artwork: Previous artwork: #15, Italian Landscape 14 Next artwork: #13, the Lizzard
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