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He was born on January 10, 1966 in Vinnitsa area. He lives and works in Odessa.

In 1983 he has ended courses of the artists-designers at the Vinnitsa regional department of culture.

In 1984-1991 he was trained at the art-graphics faculty for the teacher professor V.V. Filippenko in the Ushinskogo Odessa State pedagogical institute.

He began his exhibition activity in 1987. Vаsiliy Prokofev is a participant of the Regional and All-Ukrainian exhibitions.

In 1996 the personal exhibition of Vаsiliy Prokofev was conducted in Frankfurt on Маine (Germany).

In 1998 the artist undertakes creative trip in South Africa, and in 1999 - in Germany (Hanover).

Vаsiliy Prokofev is a participant of the exhibitions in the Odessa house of the scientists, in the art-club "Dialogue", in the Academy of tennis (Odessa) and the Odessa literary museum. His works are in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, USA, Israel, Australia, South Africa, and also in "Marvol Muzeum" (Cape Town, South Africa).

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Frosty morning
#01, canvas, oil
15.7"x19.7", 2000
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