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There are the stars, which became sunburn in the in the horizon of Romny , and the blazleingest among them is the star of Sergey Mukolaevich Pivtorak .

He was born the 30th August 1969, in the picturesque village Voschiliha in Romenshchina.

Fprom his childhood he dreamed to be a painter. When he was a schoolboy, he came in Romny ,and the painter Valerian Zosenko taught him to understand the art and feel the color. The rout to his dream was very difficult. It was very difficult to enter in famous art-school to the young boy from province. Sergey ended successfully art-school and art graphic faculty of the Kharkovs University.

Being in Kharkov he became many useful things from his skill. The yang painter worked hardly.

Among his tutors where P. Shegimaga, B. Khmelnitsky, M. Konstantino and others famous painters.

Sergey thanks very much tutor and friend Vitaly Baranenko he helped Sergey in his development.

Sergey began to exhibit his works in House of Painters in Kharkov during his learning in art-school.

Sergey Pivtorak is a very responsible persistent and enthusiastic master. He was accupied of self –education and cognition to the uncertainty.

Sergeys creative work his create diapason is between the classical realism and impressionism. His views and still life oil paintings full of the air and the paint.

His authorities are Polenov, Zevitan Uona, Jukovsky, Vacilkivsky.

Sergey Pivtorak joined to the National company of the Ukraine painters, in 2003. His works became his pass in the company. His works were very artistic and emotional. Their level was very high and it helped Sergey to join to the creative painters company.

S. Pivtorak the first inhabitant of Romny becoming the member of National company of the Ukraine’s painers.

He is the artist who glorify the history of his country, immortalize fellow countrymen.

He feels the beauty and loves it. They estimate his works. There are many his works in the museums and private collections in the Ukraine and abroad.

There are some of his works in the museums of Romny, Lebedyn and Sumy.

Sergey Pivtorak plays an important role in the Romny’s art life, he is an active participant in the different art exhibitions in Romny, , Sumy, and Kyiv. And every exhibition is a great examination to him. Last years Sergey took part in Ukraine art exhibitions holding the light for 2000 anniversary of Christmas (Kyiv 2000, 2003, Kharkiv 2000) for the Day of painters, picturesque Ukraine ( Ivano-Frankivsk 2001, Donezk 2001) for 65th anniversary of Kharkov’s district; and for the National Society to the painters of Ukraine (Kharkiv 2003).

He had also the personal exhibitions in the Romny’s museum in the art center “Sobor” and in the painters House (Sumy)and in Lebedin “Kyiv Mogilivska academy [Kyiv] and in the cultural centre [Moscow]. In the his interview to one journalist about his the best work he said: “I hope my best works are in future”.

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Winter etude
#58, canvas, oil
23.6"x15.7", 2004
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