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She was born in Zhytomir in 1966.

She was educated in two families: her parents and her grandparents. Her grandfather’s house was near the wood. There also passed her childhood. She liked a solitude, silence, contemplation of the nature. Her grandfather has opened the world of sounds and smells. She and her grandfather lay down on the ground and looked at the grass and at the sky. All overflowed her, therefore expression of these feelings was huge pleasure and clearing. One of methods of expression also is painting. In their family the daddy drew, the grandfather was the restorer at the count Vorontsov.

1977-1981 - children's art school. After finishing school – the Crimean Art school (1983-1987).

1985-1986 - participation in the exhibitions of the Crimean artists.

Since 1993 - private orders. She worked in an interior of flats, offices, and banks.

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#67, canvas, oil
39.4"x25.6", 2006
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