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My name is Aleksander Onishchenko, I am an artist from Ukraine. I live in Kiev.

I have several professions: engineer - elekstromehanik, programmer, builder, accountant, financier, banker, lawyer, cabinetmaker.

In each profession, I reached great success and made a good career.

But my favorite activity is painting. I devote all my free time to this. Now I am a pensioner, I have a lot of free time, and I got the opportunity to translate my ideas into colors on canvas and cardboard. I am very happy when my work likes not only me and gives pleasure to people.

 All  Renewal #1 
 Artwork: Previous artwork: #02, Malvina - 2 01 
Jenuary, 2019. Total of renewals — 1.
Malvina - 1
11.8"x11.8", 2017
 All  Renewal #1 
 Artwork: Previous artwork: #02, Malvina - 2 01 
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