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Was born on October, 1st 1954г. In the Perm region (Russia).

With 1957 I live па to Ukraine in the Poltava region, Gadyach .

Has left high school, Gadyach.

1973 – 1976 – served in the Soviet Army.

Has ended building technical school and the Correspondence Public university of arts (Easel painting and the schedule).

1977г.-it is married; I have the daughter and the son.

1985г. – I work as the designer, the Poltava art combine. Participated in city and regional exhibitions.

I work under the order: painting, a sculpture, fireplaces and painting and decorating, facades, bas-reliefs.

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25.6"x17.3", 2005
19.7"x23.6", 2006
25.6"x25.6", 2007
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27.6"x33.5", 2007
Mali Budischa
30.7"x20.1", 2006
23.6"x27.6", 1997
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18.5"x27.6", 2004
On sand
20.5"x30.7", 1994
25.2"x17.3", 1999
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Downpour has passed
27.6"x33.5", 2007
25.6"x25.6", 2007
Fires of autumn
17.7"x29.1", 2005
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On the river
20.9"x26.4", 1996
Windy day
24.4"x28.3", 1997
March. A dawn
26.0"x19.7", 1995
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