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V. Mishurovskiy borned on April, 26, 1957 in the settlement of Vershino-kamyanka of the Kirovogradskoy area.

Art school №1 finished in 1971.

In 1984 made off artistically the graphic faculty of the Krivorozhskogo state pedagogical college.

During 1984-1988 lived and worked in Kiev. On forming of creative manner actively school influenced V. Zaretskiy.

From 1988 for a present tense works as a teacher artistically graphic faculty of KDPU.

Victor Mishurovskiy belongs to the pleiad of the known artists of Krivorzh'ya. He bound the professional activity to the artistically graphic faculty of KDPU, where found out itself as a skilful teacher. Far not every acknowledged artist has a capacity for teaching, but a teacher necessarily must be realized as an artist-practical worker. The second personal exhibition of works of Victor Mishurovskiy testifies that before us author of bright individuality.

On an exhibition linens of different genres are presented. The portraits of different years come into notice, where perceptible aspiring of artist to authenticity, to the reflection of the internal world of near him people. There are attempts of creation of compositions of historical character. But to sweet one his genre during decades is landscape. An artist asserts a personality look to representing nature as on a genre, where it is possible with most force to find out own orientiry of world views, love to the motherland, the national consciousness.

Mishurovskiy is the indeed Ukrainian artist. For the linens he finds reasons in the different corners of country: native Pridneprov'e, on Cherkaschine, in Crimea.

But in each of concrete subjects it is possible to find an inherent him lyricism, sincere admiration of native land beauty. Characteristically, that with irreproachable professionalness master elects for those or other subjects a manner, which exposes a certain mood, concrete author project completer than all.

His pictures here and there carry in itself the imprint of infatuation for of artist impressionism, by domestic symbolism, - achieving the Ukrainian painters – realists. But foremost every linen is personification of author perception of the world.

Written freely and naturally, in refined confronted warm and cold paints, works of В. Mishurovskiy adjust a spectator on harmony of the soul and Universe.

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