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He was born in 1934 in Oliynyky (previously Motuzivka). Kharkiv region.

In 1956 he finished the Kharkiv State Art School, where he studied under M. Slipchenko and Y. Stachanov.

Since 1959 he has been participating in regional, national and foreign exhibitions. Since 1970 he is a member of the Artists Union of Ukraine and Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine.

The acquaintance and intercourse with fellow-villagers precedes to creation of portraits of them, and also a desire to delve deep into their gladnesses and anxieties.

Ukrainian village, devoted love to the fellow-villagers with which he passed through war, hunger in the forty seventh, tragic years of Stalinism were defined the artistic position of this artist for life.

The folk culture of the Ukrainian village is represented on the canvases of master as an integral system which now is the basis of the life of countrymen of this artist. With a philosophical reverie and wisdom fellow-villagers with which an author passed through the grief of the war and hunger in the forty seventh look from canvases.

An artist always was himself. And when somebody from his colleagues demonstrated "internationalism", forgetting about the roots, H. Matsehora writes the works which testify expressly, what family he is.

Creative credo is deferential attention to nature and simultaneous a free dialog with it, without aspiration to embellish.

An artist created the cycle of portraits of countrymen of Sloboganshchina with the deep understanding of their vital philosophy. Difficulties of the life are reflected on the faces of these people, which find a gladness and maintenance in daily labour, ordinary rural life. It is given the impression of old acquaintance with these people who tired by labour but wise and noble.

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To mother-in-law

Cossack church on Chernigov region

Field still life

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Spring on Zaporozhie

Evening song

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On Chernigov region

Memory about an old village

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Evening silence

Evening time

Memory about our grandfathers

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My fellow countrymen

Dnieper bay

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