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"Leh leha" is a creative credo of this artist, it means that and now she is in the way to herself, development and deepening of her own figurative device in painting, her seeing and feeling of this world.

Kyiv artist Olga Mingulina-Vinkovskaya was born in Lvov in a family of musicians. Olga was taught music the in Lisenko Kyiv republican music-school. Simultaneously she studied at a fine arts studio. 1979-1985 - she had studied in the Lvov polygraphic institute on the department "Book drawing".

She worked as an artistic editor in the publishing house "Muzichna Ukraina", magazine "Ukraina", as a main artist in the publishing house "Elton" and in other publishing houses in Kyiv. At the same time and most of her times she gives up her work. Now she is a free artist.

Representative of romanticism of the close of the ХХ century, Olga chose as a basis of her work the exotic mountain landscape with the views of Crimea (Kara-Dag), Carpathians, Tien Shan. Probably, exactly mountains allowed the artist to incarnate wholly a state of vital serenity and pacification, a thirst of eternal delight and eternal escape. In "Melodies of sphere", "Hymns to Nature", "Reincarnation" and other works it is possible to hear the quiet sounds of the Universe.

There is an artistic design of books and music editions, song collections, drawing, applied art, computer graphics in the creative luggage of Olga. Her numerous picturesque works are in private collections not only in Ukraine, but also in collections of many other countries. On the account of this artist are more than 20 personal exhibitions which were exhibited in Ukraine and abroad: USA, Italy, Israel, and Poland.


1. Still-life with a lemon.

Canvas, oil, 60х43, Kyiv, 1983

2. Still-life with roses.

Canvas, oil, 50х40, Kyiv, 1989

3. Lighting of the Saturday candles.

Canvas, oil, 80х60, Kyiv, 1999

4. The Light of Khanukia.

Canvas, oil, 65х55, Kyiv, 1999

5. White lilies.

Canvas, oil, 50х70, Kyiv, 2003

6. Hibiscuses.

Canvas, oil, 40х30, Israel, 2002

7. Аnturium.

Canvas, oil, 50х70, Kyiv, 1998

8. White flowers - kallas.

Canvas, oil, 40х60, Kyiv, 1998


9. Portrait of father.

Cardboard, oil, 55х50, Kyiv, 1982

10. Victor Rozin.

Cardboard, oil, 30х25, Palanga, 1990

11. Alexander Saranchenko.

Cardboard, oil, 50, 5х35, 5, Kyiv, 1984

12. Portrait of son.

Canvas, oil, 48х41, Kyiv, 1995

13. Gene Saranchenko.

Canvas, oil, 45х34, 1998

14. Portrait of Kyiv theatrical producer Sergius Enenberg.

Canvas, oil, Kyiv, 1997

15. Portrait of Kyiv artist Matvei Vaysberg.

Canvas, oil, 80х60, Kyiv, 1997

16. Golda Meir - Kyiv inhabitant.

Canvas, oil, 95х70, Kyiv, 1999

Compositions (conditional name)

17. Nude with a mirror.

Canvas, oil, 50х50, Palanga-Kyiv, 1990

18. Cat-Begemot. (by Bulgakov)

Canvas, oil,100х84, Kyiv,1995

19. Margarita in Andreevsky.(by Bulgakov).

Canvas, oil, 80х70, Kyiv, 1997

20. Fool moon in Andreevsky.

Canvas, oil, 84х40, Kyiv, 1995

21. We go to Haifa.

Canvas, oil, 40х30, Yalta, 1992

22. Pyrosmany.

Canvas, oil, 60х80, Kyiv, 1997

23. Wandering philosopher. (Left side of triptych).

Canvas, oil, 84х40, 5, Kyiv, 1997

24. Reincarnation. (Leh leha). (Middle part of triptych).

Canvas, oil, 80х50, Kyiv, 1997

25. Wandering Pilgrim.(Right side of triptych).

Canvas, oil, 84х40, 5, Kyiv, 1997


26. Evening Karadag. Series "Crimean motifs".

Cardboard, oil, 20х30, Feodosiya, 1986

27. Evening Karadag. Series "Crimean motifs".

Cardboard, oil, 70х50, Feodosiya-Kyiv, 1986

28. Mountains of Issyk-Kul (Tien Shan).

Cardboard, oil, 30х40, Lake Issik-Kul, 1988

29. Mountain stream. Canyon in the mountains of Tien Shan.

Cardboard, mixed technique, 20х15, Kirghizia-Kyiv, 1988

30. Melodies of mountains. Tien Shan.

Cardboard, oil, 35х50, Kirghizia-Kyiv, 1988

31. Eternity.(Left side of triptych).

Lake of life.

Cardboard, oil, 50х70, Tien Shan - Kyiv, 1989

32. Eternity. (Middle part of triptych).

Melodies of spheres.

Cardboard, oil, 70х50, Tien Shan - Kyiv, 1989

33. Eternity. (Right side of triptych).


Cardboard, oil, 50х70, Tien Shan - Kyiv, 1989

34. Yablunetskiy mountain pass. Prikarpate.

Canvas, oil, 42х80, hotel "Golden Eagle", 1990-1991

35. Road to Dovbush. Prikarpate.

Cardboard, oil, 25х35, Vizhnitsa, 1992

36. Vizhnitsa's distances. Prikarpate.

Canvas, oil, 45х64, Vizhnitsa, 1997

37. Siuriu-Kaya. View from Koktebel.

From the series "Crimean motifs".

Canvas, oil, 40х30, Koktebel-Feodosiya, 1992

38. Devil finger. From the series "Crimean motifs".

Canvas, oil, 62, 5х74, 5, Kara-Dag - Kyiv, 1993

39. Siuriu-Kaya in the morning. From the series "Crimean motifs".

Canvas, oil, 70х90, Kara-Dag - upper routes, 1995

40. Cape Chameleon. Triptych "Hymns To Nature" - left part.

Canvas, oil, 84х100, Kara-Dag - Kyiv, 1995-1996

41. Big Phallus. Triptych "Hymns To Nature"

middle part.

Canvas, oil, 130х95, Kara-Dag - Kyiv, 1995-1996

42. Siuriu-Kaya on the sunset. Triptych "Hymns To Nature"

right part.

Canvas, oil, 84х100, Kara-Dag - Kyiv, 1995-1996

43. Siuriu-Kaya on a path to the source. From series

"Crimean motifs".

Canvas, oil, 46, 5х60, Kara-Dag-Kyiv, 1995

44. Paradise. "Hymns To Nature". From series "Crimean

motifs", Kara-Dag.

Canvas, oil, 140х95, Kyiv, 1997

45. Comet over Kyiv.

Canvas, oil, 112х41, Kyiv, March, 1997

46. Shelter at The Gold gorge. From series "Crimean

motifs", Kara-Dag.

Canvas, oil, 60х80, Koktebel-Kyiv, 1997-1998

47. Saint source. Hymns To Nature. From series

"Crimean motifs"

Canvas, oil, 95х130, Kara-Dag - Kyiv, 1995-1996

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Jenuary, 2004. Total of renewals — 1.
Sainted source. Hymn to nature
#34, canvas, oil
37.4"x51.2", 1996
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