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Wanderer Loneliness Czech houses
#14, canvas, oil
19.7"x31.5", 2014
#13, canvas, oil
19.7"x27.6", 2014
Czech houses
#12, canvas, oil
17.7"x27.6", 2014
Square. Dresden Evening tea party Prague mood
Square. Dresden
#11, canvas, oil
25.6"x17.7", 2014
Evening tea party
#10, canvas, oil
27.6"x19.7", 2014
Prague mood
#09, canvas, oil
13.8"x17.7", 2014
Budva Broken hopes Assol Flight pears
#08, canvas, oil
7.9"x11.8", 2016
Broken hopes Assol
#07, canvas, oil
15.7"x25.6", 2017
Flight pears
#06, canvas, oil
23.6"x17.7", 2016
Red bus Lodge Sweet Paradise
Red bus
#05, canvas, oil
19.7"x13.8", 2016
#04, canvas, oil
15.7"x11.8", 2016
Sweet Paradise
#03, canvas, oil
19.7"x31.5", 2016
Favourable wind Wheel of Fortune
Favourable wind
#02, canvas, oil
11.8"x17.7", 2016
Wheel of Fortune
#01, canvas, oil
25.6"x19.7", 2016
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