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I was born in 1966. I studied at Art school in Poltava since 1978. My teacher was Shershen Viktor. After the army I finished artist-designer's courses at the branch of culture fund in Poltava in 1988. Actually I have been painting all my life. I tried many things: working as a painter in cinema, painting ceilings, gypsies modeling, advertising, decoration work and so on. My personal exhibition in graphics took place in 2000 at Poltava's library named by Kotlarevskiy. After it – another three exhibitions at art saloon of Poltava's association named "Artist". One in graphics, another two – painting. I take part in city's exhibitions of Poltava's artist's. My paintings are now in private collections in Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Israel and others. My grandfather Alexander painted in oils. It was in 1930s. It is unknown where he sold his works. He was working as an engineer and died in California in 1986. My plans for future – to work… to paint.

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#26, canvas, oil
9.8"x7.9", 2009
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