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Sergey was born in 1965 in Kozyatin.

1982 – finished the Kozyatin High School #3

1982-1984 – study at the Kozyatin Professional College # 17

1993 – graduated from the Kiev State Institute of Physical Education and Sport

1998 – his works have participated in the Exhibition of the Ukrainian Art in the USA.

1999 – participation in All-Ukrainian exhibition of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.

2000 – participation in the International Art Festival “Soviart”

2000–2002 – held 6 personal exhibitions that took place in:

• Gallery “NeF” (Kiev Pechersk Lavra territory)

• National Museum of the History of Ukraine

• Getman Museum

• The Ukrainian Fund of Culture

• Museum of T.G. Shevchenko

• Fund of Art Development Assistance

2003 – small exhibition hall of the Ukrainian House

Artworks of Karpenko can be found in private collections in Ukraine, Belgium, USA.

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Milky Way
#15, woodcarving
25.6"x44.1", 2004
Traveling knight
#14, woodcarving
32.3"x23.6", 2012
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