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«Painting is my way of conveying admiration and love to the world and the people around me»

Fine art adore from early childhood. I graduated from art school, but I couldn’t connect my professional activities with painting due to circumstances not related to creativity. I had repeatedly returned to my favorite activity later.

I tried myself in different styles and techniques such as realism, impressionism, batik, stained glass painting. I painted with pastel, gouache, watercolor, acrylic, simple and colored pencils. Now switched to oil painting.

Today, painting is my need, my way of conveying my admiration and love to the world and people around me.

Favorite genre - landscape. Favorite tool - palette knife.

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Colors of autumn
18.9"x26.0", 2018
Cornflowers in the sun
11.8"x15.7", 2019
Warm shore
11.0"x13.8", 2019
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Road to sunset
18.1"x15.0", 2019
Summer tuscany
19.7"x23.6", 2019
Altai, Turquoise Katun River
23.6"x15.7", 2019
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Forest Lake House
19.7"x27.6", 2019
Gampersky descent in Mariupol
23.6"x23.6", 2019
With love and tenderness!
15.7"x22.4", 2019
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