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Galina was born in 25.11.1960 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

She has been awarded in the exhibition of achievements of the national economy of the USSR with a silver medal for the best diploma work. It was the exhibition of diploma works of pupils of secondary special educational institutions of the USSR. (The Exhibition Centre of the USSR gave gold extremely seldom since the gold medal was equated to the Soviet car "Moskvitch").

In 1981 she entered Faculty of Easel Painting of the Kiev State Art Institute. She studied in a group conducted by Victor Shatalin the professor of painting, the chairman of section of painting of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. In 1988 she graduated with honours and got the out-of-competition direction to the academic workshops. Has received the diploma for a degree work. After graduation worked in the creative association "Artist" on the state orders.

Works in the technique of oil painting in different style directions: realism, expressionism, impressionism, eclecticism. Paints art figuratif, nu, still-lifes, flowers, landscapes, flower fields, portraits. She is working on development of new author's techniques and styles constantly.

Personal exhibitions:

Los Angeles 2003;

Las Vegas 2004-2005;

Autumn, spring exhibitions of the Union of Artists of St.-Petersburg.

Pictures are in private collections of the USA, Russia, Germany (companies "Varta" and "Geksal"). In the spring 2006 - personal exhibitions with participation of 80 works in cities of Osaka, Tokyo, Hiroshima, JAPAN.

The artist likes to paint everything that radiates pleasure of life – the magic of light and shadow in landscapes, colour proportions in still-lifes and images of flowers, psychological portraits of people. Pictures radiate kind and sunny energy and they breathe colour purity and freshness at difficult mixture of paints.

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#58, canvas, oil
37.4"x29.5", 2011
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