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Was born on June, 3rd, 1962 in Kharkov.

I entered the Kharkov Art College very late, when I was 23 and already have got a family.

After the first year at the college I entered the Kharkov Teacher Training College named after G.S.Skovoroda, Faculty of Art and Graphics.

Graduated in 1992 with honors.

Since 1992 have been participating in several regional, republican and international exhibitions in Baltimore.

Pictures are in private collections of Kharkov, Moscow, Berlin, Italy.

Now my occupations are painting and interior design.

I’m married and have a daughter.

Awarded by the diploma for the participation in the Exhibition "Blessing" (Project № 40, Berlin).

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Successful shot
#04, canvas, oil
43.3"x35.4", 2003
The Udy River
#01, canvas, oil
23.6"x19.7", 2001
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