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Katja was born on December, 7, 1983 in Kiev, Ukraine.

1991-2000 classes at school named after Leontovich in Kiev.

Drawing, painting, flute, violin were taught.

2000 finished Kiev secondary school Nr.92 named after Franko.

2000-2002 studied at academy Minerva in Groningen, graphic department, Netherlands.

Since 2005 till now studies at Ansbach college of higher education, communication and design department, Germany.

personal exhibitions:

March 2002 public library, Heilsbronn, Germany

November 2004 public library, Heisbronn, Germany

November 2003 Erlangen, Germany

December 2007 Erlangen, Germany

A grate number of pictures has entered private collections of people in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Ukraine.

Katja Khalkova works with different techniques: watercolors, oil, pastel and computer graphics.

She is deeply interested in painting, music and sports.

Language skills: speaks Ukrainian, Russian, German, Dutch and English.

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Little prince
#25, canvas, oil
15.7"x11.8", 2011
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