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Galimov Valentin born in 1968

1980-1983 Severodonetsk art school

1983-1988 Luhansk State art College

1991-1994 Institute. Ilya Repin . St. Petersburg.Neprintsev workshop.

1994-1995 Department of paintings of the Madrid University. Spain.

Participation in the s rates:

1995 group exhibition of young artists "Academy". St. Petersburg. Russia.

1996 Exhibition of the artists ' Union of St. Petersburg "Autumn 1996"

1998 solo exhibition of painting in Sala de Exposiciones de Caja Duero. Salamanca. Spain.

1999 Lugansk Art exhibition.

2000 all-Ukrainian exhibition of young artists. Kiev. August-September.

2000 Lugansk regional art exhibition. Oct.

2001 painting exhibition in "Diagonal Barcelona". Spain. March.

2003-2006-painted Church of all Saints in the city. Feodosiya. Crimea.

2008 annual exhibition of Theodosia artists. Museum of Grinka. Feodosia.

2011 solo exhibition in the Gallery of Arts in Severodonetsk 27 may -22 June .

2014 personal exhibition in one of the halls of the Gallery Aivazovsky. Feodosia

2015 participate in the autumn exhibition of the Union of artists of Ukraine. 8-26 October.

2016 Exhibition in the Art Gallery "Living Time." Severodonetsk. April 8 to June 15.

2017 Exhibition in the Local History Museum "Living time." Lisichansk. February 21 - March 14.

Artworks are on permanent exhibition in the gallery "Globus".

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Autumn. Noon
#03, canvas, oil
11.8"x15.7", 2015
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 Artwork: Previous artwork: #04, Lilac. Tulips 03 Next artwork: #02, Autumn. Noon ater  the village
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