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The works of the Dnepropetrovsk artist Nicholas Gusar enjoy a deserved popularity from the art-lovers. For many years this artist saves loyalty to the landscape - to the genre which most complete respond to the features of his creative individuality. And it's the main in his display of surrounding world, in praise of life-giving forces of nature, emotional understanding of reality.

N.I. Gusar was born on the 7th of December, 1946, in Polesse (Berdichev). Already then, captivated by the variety of the seen nature and repeatedly copying the favourite Vasnetsov's picture of his childhood "Alenushka", a boy does not see himself out of creation. Choosing nature by the main artistic teacher, being with its in constant intercourse, Nicholas Gusar gradually accumulates that precious emotional supply which for every artist becomes the method of perception of reality and method of expression of seeing of surrounding world. Among his favourite masters it is possible to select great landscape-painters - F. Vasilev, V. Polenov, I. Shishkin, G. Manizer.

For an artist there are no favourite seasons. It is identical with enthusiasm and elevated he paints winter, summer, spring and autumn. By temperament he is a traveler. His creative trips, his endless roads are important to him as a cause for meditation, as opening of unknown, as claim of before disturbed. Therefore on his canvases not only views of Dnepropetrovsk region (after his service in the army he lived and worked in Dnepropetrovsk) but also landscapes of Kyiv region, flowering Crimea, Karelia, Finland and Prague, India, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The artist insistently searches and constantly perfects the picturesque techniques. Thinly feeling nature and perfectly knowing how to use technical means of palette-knife and brush, N. Gusar was able to paint its rare charm, hourly change of paints and moods. In the basis of his every picture are careful preliminary picture. Educated on wonderful traditions of domestic realistic art, the artist considered it an inalienable part of good job. In his works he resorts to the especially careful working of details, for the exposure of characteristic features of landscape.

His creation is marked romantically by the strained perception of life of nature, by active experiencing of its being, by ability to convert a modest motif into a deep appearance of native nature, to refer its unique charm and dim beauty, its prosaic week-days by the paints of yellow-orange autumn, snow-white mother-of-pearl of winter day, rich greenery of summer, water-colour spring sky. These subjects are simple and eternal, therefore N. Gusar's works, being sincere, will save the artistic value and in the future.

He tragically perished on the 24th of May, 2001. The last work of this artist was a picture "Last snow", about his favourite seasons, about spring.

His works are in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, USA, Israel, Germany, Holland, China, Canada, Slovakia, Macedonia, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland, and England.

Julia Belogortseva

Participation in exhibitions

1. Ukraine, Kyiv, December, 1999

Painting Exhibition "Project № 1", Academy of the Ministry of internal affairs

Producer Valerius Boyko

2. Exhibition "Kyiv Spring" - 2000,

Opening day Odessa, April

Fund "Renaissance", Creative Union "Nadezhda"

3. Ukraine, Kyiv, June, 2000

International Art festival, Ukrainsky Dim

4. Ukraine, Kyiv, September, 2000

"Project № 5 - Spring", exhibition hall of the national

Artists Union "Mistets", Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, 12

5. Ukraine, Kyiv, October, 2000

"Project № 6 - the autumn opening day" devoted to Day of liberation of Kyiv

Cultural center of Security Service of Ukraine

6. Ukraine, Kyiv, December, 2000

"Project № 7 - Reality", gallery "City N"

7. Ukraine, Kyiv, December, 2000

"Project № 8 - the New-year opening day"

8. Ukraine, Kyiv, "Ukraina" National Palace, February, 2001

9. Ukraine Kyiv

"Project № 10 - Snowdrop", exhibition hall of the national

Artists Union "Mistets"

10. Ukraine, Kyiv, March, 16-22, 2001

Painting Exhibition "Shlyakh"

11. Ukraine, Kyiv, May, 2001

"Happy birthday to you, Kyiv", republican House of Architect

12. Ukraine, Kyiv, August, 2001

"Ukraina" National Palace "Ten steps" to the third world

Congress of Ukrainians

13. Ukraine, Kyiv, September, 2001

"Morning of age", exhibition hall of the national

Artists Union "Mistets"

14. Ukraine, Kyiv, October, 2001

"Autumn rhapsody", exhibition hall of the national

Artists Union "Mistets"

In 1998 in Kyiv took place the first personal exhibition of the artist Nicholas Gusar, in 2001 the second exhibition will take place in the exhibition hall of Dnepropetrovsk national Artists Union.

Kyiv, December, 2001 "Euroimage-2001", Ukrainsky Dim, Diploma of the Second International Forum.

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Absence of people
#11, canvas, oil
45.7"x20.7", 2000
#10, canvas, oil
46.5"x18.9", 1985
Birch avenue
#05, canvas, oil
30.3"x22.2", 2000
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#04, canvas, oil
25.6"x23.6", 2000
#01, canvas, oil
23.6"x32.7", 2000
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