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The artist, fashion designer Marina Gromenko.

Creates clothing under the brand MarGo-exclusive.

Participation in festivals and competitions to design clothes.

Member charitable ART Association "Golden Palette".

October 2009. Participation in the International exhibition-competition of contemporary art "UKRAINIAN ART WEEK".

January 2011. Collective exhibition of modern painting in the Fund "Spiritual Heritage" Kiev Ukraine.

Her paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Germany and Russia (St. Petersburg).

Lives and works in Kiev.

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Country road
#35, canvas, acrylics
39.4"x31.9", 2010
In a whirlwind of Gypsy Dance
#34, canvas, acrylics
23.6"x25.6", 2010
Magic flower
#33, canvas, acrylics
25.6"x23.6", 2010
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Emotional fresh
#32, canvas, acrylics
27.6"x23.6", 2010
Violet twilight
#31, canvas, acrylics
27.6"x15.7", 2010
Warriors of the Sun
#30, canvas, acrylics
35.4"x27.6", 2010
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Defender of Light
#29, canvas, acrylics
39.4"x39.4", 2010
#28, canvas, acrylics
19.7"x27.6", 2010
Solar field
#27, canvas, acrylics
39.4"x31.9", 2010
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Cotton field
#26, canvas, acrylics
25.6"x21.7", 2010
Oriental Still Life
#25, canvas, acrylics
15.0"x13.4", 2011
Dream a little?
#24, canvas, acrylics
19.7"x23.6", 2010
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#23, canvas, acrylics
19.7"x23.6", 2010
Tea pair
#22, canvas, acrylics
15.0"x13.4", 2011
Waiting for winter
#21, canvas, acrylics
25.6"x39.4", 2010
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