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After graduation with honors from the Kyiv Art School in 1972 he lives and works in the capital of Ukraine. For this time he has created in his landscape the unique world of ancient and always young Kyiv, with its numerous monuments of culture and architecture. These are such oil paintings as "St. Andrew Church", "The view of Lavra", "Upper Lavra", "St. Sophia Cathedral", "Morning at the Mariinskiy Park", "St. Mikhailovskaya Church", "The road to Hydro Park".

The artist also works in watercolor technique. The main theme of his watercolors is still life and pictures of nature. Here we know Vladimir Fedotov as a romantic who feels emotionally the mood and changes in the surrounding world – "Silence", "Forest in March", "Apple blossom", "Autumn", "Field flowers", "Tiger lilies".

Karelia occupies special place in his creative work. Having fallen in love with this land the artist could find bright unusual color combinations for its depiction – "Shomba River", "Settlement Kem", "Karelia".

Vladimir Fedotov had several personal exhibitions organized in Kyiv. His works are also in private collections in Italy, Germany, Israel, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and USA.


1976 - All-Union art exhibition (Minsk).

1979 - Republican art exhibition (Kyiv).

1980 - Republican art exhibition devoted to 16 congress CPSU and 16 congress Communist Party of Ukraine (Kyiv).

1981 - All-Union art exhibition (Moscow).

1984 - Republican exhibition of a watercolor and picture (Kyiv).

1984 - personal exhibition of painting (Kyiv, Republican House of Actor).

1986 - Republican art exhibition (Kyiv).

1993 - 1994 - International exhibition of painting (gallery "Vardar", Paris, France).

1995 - pair exhibition of painting "Color variations " with the artist L. Sinyavsky (Kyiv, "Ukrainsky Dim").

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First snow
#21, canvas, oil
24.8"x18.9", 2011
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