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Kiev is my hometown, but I often visit Shanghai.

I am a self-taught artist and I have never attended any kind of art schools.

I have been drawing since I was 3 years old kid.

All my spare time I draw with professional colored pencil or markers and I paint extraordinary creatures and portraits with oil.

I love realism and surrealism.

If Dali was alive, I would like to know him alive and to talk with him about life.

I do not follow any artistic style in oil painting.

My artworks are reflections of real me during my lifetime.

I live. I draw.

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February, 2017. Total of renewals — 1.
The White Swan
#15, canvas, oil
15.7"x23.6", 2016
 All  Renewal #1 
 Artwork: Previous artwork: #16, Monica 15 Next artwork: #14, Cristiano Ronaldo
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