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Ta Chebrova is the artist and the researcher of colors, the member of Ukrainian association of art Therapy.

She also is the member of the socially-ecological art group "Strontium'90" and art duet "VenTa" (with artist Ven Goleiko).

Ta Chebrova is founder of the art-style Tralfrealism as Transpersonal art (TRALF is Transformation of Reality by Art, Love and Fantasy).

She was born 25.08. 1958 in Sevastopol, graduated at Sevastopol Art School (1975) and National University of Taras Shevchenko (1982).

She lives in Brovary and works in Kyiv.

Began her creative activities in the latter half of 1970’s.

Ta Chebrova specialized in painting, computer graphics, visual poetry, poetry, color & form therapy, book art, mail art.

She took part in the great number of "flat exhibitions" of unofficial art, international exhibitions and art festivals.

Art works of Ta Chebrova can be found in collections:

National Museum of The Ukrainian history ( Kyiv);

National Museum Chernobyl (Kyiv);

National Centre Ukrainian house (Kiev);

National palace of culture and art UKRAINA;

National Pharmaceutical association of Ukraine, (Kiev);

National Union of Journalists (Kiev);

Panstwowe muzeum na Majdanku (Lublin, Poland);

Cardiff University (UK);

"Birdinvdest" (Belgium);

City Museum of Brovary (Ukraine);

"Ratiopharm" (Germane and Ukraine);

"Kievmedpreparat" (Kiev);

"Farmac" (Kiev);

And also in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

"Tatyana Chebrova shows us the light side of the Moon: bleary heavenly bodies with bright rims cast light on gloomy worlds.

In many of her works, Chebrova creating the Dufy-like illusion of transfiguring objects that fall into the void of the stilled outer space…". (Anna Kozmina, newspaper "Kyiv Post", September 4, 1998)

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The Butterfly of Light
21.3"x25.6", 1998
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