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1987 - 1991 study at the Odessa Art School of M.B.Grekov at Painting Faculty. Diploma: Teacher of Plotting and Drawing.

1993 - 1999 study at the Kiev Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture at Faculty of Painting. Diploma: Artist of Easel Painting.

Participation in exhibitions since 1993.

Works are in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Canada, Israel and museums of Ukraine.

Now lives and works in Kolomyja, the Ivano-Frankovsk region

The basic exhibitions:

"Picturesque Ukraine" - 1994.

"Mr Ukraine" Biennale, Dnepropetrovsk - 1995.

"This war lasted for so long" Kiev - 1999.

"Picturesque Ukraine" Nikolaev - 1999.

Exhibition devoted to the troops pullout from Afghanistan.

10th anniversary.

Palace "Ukraine" Kiev - 1999.

Portrait exhibition "Tertio millennio adveniente" Lvov - 2001.

Exhibition of artists of Kolomyjshchina. Kolomyja - 2004.

Works can be found in museums of Ukraine: Museum of the II World War, Kiev, Art Museum of Krasnograd, the Lvov region, Kolomyja, Museum of Gutsulshchina.

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#30, canvas, oil
43.3"x39.4", 1996
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 Artwork: Previous artwork: #31, Two masks 30 Next artwork: #29, Old Pekov. Castle wall
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